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Siuslaw National Forest

Welcome to the CRA’s Siuslaw National Forest (SNF) Google Earth web page.

Special Announcement – November, 2014

The Forest Service is revising all national forest plans in Oregon. The Siuslaw will receive its new plan in the coming two years. All parts of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) may be changed or continued. The Coast Range Association is particularly focused on the Aquatic Conservation Strategy portion of the NWFP.

In August, 2014 we released an important science review of the NWFP aquatic strategy. That report can be downloaded from the front page of the CRA’s main website. www.coastrange.org

View the Siuslaw’s Native Forest

The overlay color scheme for the SNF is different than that used for BLM forests and the Willamette NF.  Here the color tint overlays represent three categories of tree size.  The SNF does not provide age data for its natural forest stands and just uses the three relative stand sizes.

The SNF stand view provided below is a 1980s data set with relatively accurate stand boundaries.  We have cleaned the stand inventory to remove data for areas outside of the SNF ownership.  Few SNF native stands have been cut since 1991 and the data is still accurate. What has changed is that the trees have grown larger.  Many of the stands shown as a brown tint overlay now have dominant canopy trees larger than 32″ diameter at breast height (DBH).

We characterize the three largest stand classes as follows:

Red tint: Stands with the largest trees.
(At time of inventory: Greater than 32″ DBH).
Brown tint:
Stands with the second largest trees.
Green tint:
Natural stands with the third largest trees.
Note: These are still fairly large trees.

You will be downloading the file in zipped form.
Unzip the file to a directory and then double click the file.

Here is the link to SNF stand data:
SNF native forest (relative stand sizes)

A sample view of SNF native forest in Beaver Creek.
Toledo and Newport are in the upper
portion of the view.
(click to enlarge)