Climate Crisis & Private Forests

Naomi Kline is right about climate change: it changes everything.

The evidence is overwhelming – we are in a climate crisis that threatens the future of all Oregon communities. The climate crisis is driven by atmospheric carbon – mostly in the form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The latest CO2 reading is now 415 parts per million in the atmosphere. This is a CO2 concentration that has not happened since humans evolved on earth. We are in a climate emergency that requires CO2 be removed from the air and that is exactly what trees do when they grow. In fact, Western Oregon’s forests have a higher carbon density than almost any other forest type in the world. Therefore we argue:

  • Oregon’s private forests must transition to storing the maximum volume of carbon while providing a livelihood for people and communities.
  • Federal and state forests must transition to missions of maximum carbon density.
  • A comprehensive Forest Green New Deal must be developed for Western Oregon that addresses rural communities and industrial forests.

A message from Jane Goodall & Alec Baldwin:
“Don’t Let Forests be the Forgotten Solution”

Oregon’s Timber Cut: Billions of Board Feet - 1849-2014

150 years of cutting Oregon’s primary forest has led to the massive loss of Northwest native forest. Those forests have now become carbon in the atmosphere dangerously warming the planet.

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