The Climate Crisis

Climate Change is a Real Threat

The earth is rapidly warming and that warming is driven the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide and Methane are the two main greenhouse gases causing a warming planet. CO2 is a bi-product of burning fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) and the decomposition of living matter (i.e. deforestation). Currently, CO2 stands at 415 parts per million per part of air. For the past 400,000 years the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere never went above 300 parts per million. The earth is headed for 500 parts per million by 2050.

Most disturbing is the rate of buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere. The speed of CO2 buildup is faster then at any time in the past 25 million years. We believe global warming and its attendant climate change is a clear and present crisis.

“Don’t Let Forest be
the Forgotten Solution
to Climate Change.”
– Jane Goodall

Western Oregon is a land forests. Our state’s climate crisis response can and must have forests play a central role in mitigating CO2 buildup in the atmosphere. We now present two sections on forests and the climate crisis:

  • The first section presents the science of carbon and forests.
  • The second section explores, as Jane Goodall implores us, concrete proposals on how Oregon’s forests can and must contribute to solving the climate crisis.

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