The Coast Range Association (CRA) is hiring for a communications and development staff position. Even though we’ve built ever more powerful information and insights over the past six years, from the Independent Aquatics Science Panel report to startling information on corporate forestry’s tax avoidance, we haven’t kept up with information technologies to reach the broader public. The world of communications has changed dramatically. There are social media, web technologies and digital information platforms that my adult children take for granted and that I don’t understand.

The CRA Board and I believe that in order to grow the organization, project our powerful information, and have greater impact–we need a dedicated position staffed by a person who has mastered today’s information technologies.

Such a position will only be possible through support from thousands of people like you. I believe we’ll merit broader and stronger support by continuing our work to peel back the veil on the shameful private forest management, be a leading organization for stream and river protections and by building our coastal program of marine conservation. Tying everything together is the urgent need to address the climate crisis. 2019–here we come!