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Western Oregon’s forests and rural landscapes must play a central role in a Green New Deal climate solution. Our forests are arguably the best forests in the world for removing atmosphere warming carbon dioxide. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how the Green New Deal can apply to Oregon. And, there are many ways to be involved in this important work.

With your help the CRA will lay the foundation for a Western Oregon Green New Deal.

Just and sustainable communities are required NOW for our survival and for vibrant and diverse ecosystems and communities.

Six ways to become involved:

  1. Research: Are you the kind of person who finds things out? We need documentation assembled about local infrastructure conditions. How is your areas electricity supplied? Where does it come from? Who owns the grid? What local bridges are failing? How many substandard homes exist in the county
  2. Review: Are you a person who has a good sense of the practical affair of business, governance or some other enterprise? Then volunteer to review proposals and documents. Your feedback will be very valuable.
  3. Provide expert advice: Has your past experience provided you with an expertise in an industry or field of work? If so, you have much to contribute to our work.
  4. Host a local GND meeting, work team or community education event: Almost anyone can arrange for a local meeting space and make coffee.
  5. Learn: Do you want to learn more? Visit our annotated bibliography to find the studies and reports we use to guide this work. Don’t see an important document there? Let us know and we will add it.
  6. Donate: OK, all of the above described work will take some money. Communications, travel and coordination require time and effort by paid staff. Make a donation to the Coast Range Association. Your contribution will be multiplied hundreds of times through our game changing work.

Join the GND Team

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There are many ways you can join us. You can make a financial donation, attend an event, help us research, read our bibliography, host a meeting, or signup for our newsletter.

“The climate crisis is not only the single greatest challenge facing our country; it is also our single greatest opportunity to build a more just and equitable future, but we must act immediately.”

- Senator Bernie Sanders

A Better World is Possible

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