Dear Friends,
2019 is turning into a huge year for the Coast Range Association (CRA). We have new staff capacity, a new website, and ground-breaking research ready to roll. For the past five months we have recast all our programs in light of the climate emergency. Going forward, our focus will be on how the Coast Range, one of the greatest forested regions on the planet, must contribute to solving the climate crisis. We have heard Jane Goodall’s appeal: “Don’t let forests be the forgotten solution!”
Western Oregon’s forests, especially the potentially super carbon dense coastal forests, must play a vital role in stopping and reversing the planet’s warming. The political climate in Salem is surely polluted by money, but if we all work together we can defeat the Wall Street-led-industrial-juggernaut exploiting our forests and rural communities.
The CRA’s new monthly newsletter is where you will find updates and actions items not seen from any other public advocacy organizations. This is a bold claim. Yet who else is challenging forest ownership by Wall Street investors? The Coast Range Association is – that’s who! Who else calls BS on financial forest management and easily rips holes in the propaganda veil of big timber? Who else argues that our exploited, investor owned forests are one part of a system that has created multiple social crises from student debt and homelessness to the health care crisis? The Coast Range Association does and community leaders across Western Oregon appreciate our perspective and factual work.
This newsletter begins the monthly publication of CRA news. Here, we will link to new work and spread opportunities to engage as a climate, forest and watershed advocate. We are grateful for all the past donations and expressions of support. Thank you! Together we can build thriving communities and build a region that works for people not the billionaire class. A new journey begins.
Chuck Willer

Meet Andrew Collins-Anderson – New Coast Range Association Staff

Hello Coast Range Association supporters and friends!
I would like to extend a warm hello and introduce myself. My name is Andrew, and I am the new Communications staff person at the Coast Range Association. I am thrilled to work with you as we move forward with our unique role in the efforts to stop the climate crisis, challenge Wall Street forestry and advance coastal preparedness as the ocean changes.
I come to the CRA with a background in conservation nonprofit management, community organizing, and environmental science. My most recent position was with the North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council (NCUWC) based in Milwaukie, OR. At NCUWC, I led the organization to expand our restoration projects while focusing on protecting the last and best habitats in the lower Willamette basin.
I have worked in Oregon and northern California for conservation organizations focused on the removal of dams, stopping damaging natural resource extraction, and the education of folks on how to become better stewards of the ecosystems where they live. I am currently working part time for the CRA while I complete work this season for a small family farm in the Eugene area. It’s here that I stay grounded in the soil while producing healthy food for the community.
The threats to the land, air, water and communities around the world may seem overwhelming. However, I have seen time and time again passionate people come together and take on the responsibility to protect their small place in our interconnected natural world.
Take a minute and visit the new CRA website and discover the groundbreaking research Chuck and others have done over the past several years. The documentation is all there. While you are there, please make a donation to support CRA’s future work. Your donation will ensure the forest isn’t the forgotten solution to the climate crisis. With your support we can change how our communities live with our forest heritage and nearshore ocean environments.
It is an honor to be a part of the CRA team. I resonate deeply with the CRA’s vision statement: “To build just and sustainable communities that provide for people and the natural world.” Stay tuned for new Coast Range Association work as we meet the challenge to make a better world possible.
Best Regards,
Andrew Collins-Anderson


Signup for CRA’s Ocean News

In addition to the general CRA monthly newsletter we are excited to begin a new coast and ocean newsletter called Ocean News. The first year of the newsletter is funded by the Lazar Foundation. Ocean News will range afield highlighting changing ocean conditions due to a warming climate and, more importantly, how a changing ocean will impact Oregon’s coastal communities. Additionally, Ocean News will report on research occurring within Oregon’s nearshore Marine Reserves and other news relevant to coastal communities. Everything from coastal fisheries to home values will be impacted by changing ocean conditions. In a tight, summary fashion – Ocean News will deliver news you won’t want to miss.
Here is the link for the Ocean News signup:

CRA’s New Website

How do you like our new website? After months of working with web designer Jesse Matanky at Hand Hugs Design, is ready to be explored. Sections that have been completed are our Challenging Wall Street Forestry and Communities & the Living Ocean sections. While reading through these pages, you will explore our recent research and the documents that stand behind our conclusions.
And, feel free to email us your comments and suggestions on the new website,


2019 Community Presentations a Success

The first half of 2019 had a full schedule for Chuck as he traveled Western Oregon doing community talks. 2019 marks a shift in CRA emphasis as we expand the case against Wall Street’s financial forestry based on the climate crisis. The new round of community talks includes a separate section on the climate crisis. The presentation recasts our Wall Street forestry research in light of two truths:
    • The planet is in a climate emergency due to the build-up of atmospheric carbon from past fossil fuel use and deforestation. The slide below from the presentation is devastating in its implications. 400,000 years of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) never above 300 parts per million and then the industrial era begins. We are now at 410 parts per million and on a current path to rapidly reach 550 or more.

In light of the climate crisis, this graph of forest live tree carbon storage is arguably the most relevant piece of information regarding forest management in our region.
Naomi Klein argues that the climate crisis changes everything. The fact that the Coast Range is potentially the greatest carbon storehouse per acre in the world also, we believe, changes everything. And that is why we are so appreciative of the following people and groups who sponsored a community talk in 2019:
  • Astoria: Clatsop Community College Forest Visions Project and CREATE.
  • Cannon Beach: Jennifer & Watt Childress
  • Corvallis talk 1: Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Corvallis talk 2: The Lynn-Benton Chapter of the Pacific Green Party
  • Lebanon: Rural Oregon Progressives
  • Nehalem: North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection
  • Netarts: Lenora Lawrence and Paul Ferris of Oceanside.

If you or a group you are a part of would like to host one of Chuck’s talks on Financial Forestry & the Climate Crisis, contact Chuck Willer at or (541) 231-6651.

Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you for taking the time to read the Coast Range Association’ monthly newsletter. As the CRA recasts our work with a Climate Crisis frame, your support is essential in ensuring that Oregon’s Coast Range and ocean is at the vanguard of the solutions for a better future.
Please consider donating to the Coast Range Association. CRA recently hired a new staff member to expand our capacity. Your donation will ensure that Oregon’s forest and coastal communities join the fight to stop the climate crisis and lead the way in creating sustainable natural resource based communities.