CRA research leads to major OPB/Oregonian/ProPublica exposé

June 26, 2020General, News

For decades, the CRA has unwaveringly spoke truth to power and educated Oregonian’s about the true nature of Oregon’s timber industry. Our Executive Director, Chuck Willer, has given countless community presentations across Western Oregon speaking about the timber industry’s tax avoidance, abandonment of rural communities, lost forest production, and Wall Street owners shipping profits to the wealthy investor class.

Oregon Coast Ocean News – June 8 is World Oceans Day!

June 5, 2020Ocean News

Oregon Coast Ocean News is here to provide you the most important Oregon Coast and climate stories and events as we move into summer in the time of coronavirus. We continue to highlight important work and research on the impacts of climate change on our coast and communities. We also provide many ways to stay connected to coastal conservation and stewardship. Something you would like to see in these newsletters? Send me an email at

CRA in the news: “Beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, a much larger crisis looms, climate change.”

May 27, 2020General, News

“The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare a key feature of our economic system – markets and politics-as-usual fail to provide for people and the planet. We learned a similar lesson in Oregon regarding the timber industry’s influence over Salem. Whether it’s the economy, the global climate, or Oregon’s Wall Street dominated forest lands – we must demand justice in response to climate change and insist on sufficient federal funding.”

Oregon Coast Ocean News – Oregon’s Digital Coast Events & News

May 1, 2020Ocean News

We need your help to get this important newsletter to more people on the coast. Please share this newsletter with your networks on social media. You can also spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends and family. With your help we can share this important information to help build more informed communities in the face of the many impacts of climate change on Oregon.

Something you would like to see in these newsletters? Send me an email at

Oregon Coast Ocean News – Oregon Coast digital resources during COVID-19

April 6, 2020Ocean News

All of us at the Coast Range Association hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and following best practices for protecting yourself and others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For our part, the Coast Range Association has cancelled all in-person events and we are all working from home.

This edition of Oregon Coast Ocean News is a bit different. We are still providing links to stories and research on important coastal climate and science news. We are still sharing updates from Oregon’s marine reserves, partners and ODFW. We have also included important coastal stories on COVID-19.

However, due to the Coronavirus there is little to update on coastal events. Most if not all events have been cancelled. We are providing links to digital resources shared by our partners which should provide some great entertainment and educational opportunities during the stay-at-home order. Please send us your coastal resources and stories to be included in future newsletters and on social media at

What the Coronavirus response reveals about solving the climate crisis

March 27, 2020General, News

We need to work harder than ever to ensure that this moment of intense change across the US and Oregon results in a better world for people. We must seize this opportunity to shine a light on the inner workings of the economic system and bring about a much needed just transition. As stated in a recent article by James K. Galbraith about responding to the Coronavirus: “Through it all, the people must be reassured. Those at home must be cared for. And those who remain healthy must be given useful work. Solidarity, organization, determination: These are the words for us now.”