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Welcome to the Coast Range Association’s Ocean News . We are happy to share important climate & ocean news impacting the lives of Oregon’s Coastal residents. To learn more and to get involved in our work, reach out to Jim Carlson, CRA’s coastal field staff person. He works with the great network of organizations and agencies that support the nearshore marine reserve system. Reach Jim at jim@coastrange.org.

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Oregon Marine Reserve News
  • Banking on Baby Fish and Big Data – ODFW, 08.21.19
    • Cabezon are a popular fish in both the recreational and commercial fisheries here in Oregon. This means that their populations have to be tracked carefully in order to ensure catches are maintained at sustainable levels. If fish were like a bank account, the money flowing in and out must be kept in balance. Read More
  • Updates from the Field – ODFW, 08.21.19
    • Starting fall fieldwork with hook-and-line, longline and SCUBA surveys at Redfish Rocks. Plus the ROV is heading to Cape Perpetua. This past month we downloaded oceanography data, did and ARMs check, continued sea star and SMURF research. Read More
  • ODFW is Hiring a Research Assistant – 09.25.19
    • Do you enjoy fieldwork, data analysis and working as part of a team? Would you like to work in a small town on the Oregon Coast? Then apply to join ODFW’s team! They are recruiting to fill an Ecological Research Assistant (NRS1) position within the ODFWMarine Reserves Program. Read More
  • Updates from the field – 09.25.19
    • Visit the ODFW Marine Reserves website to read about the great field work that was completed this last month.

Ocean Issues News
ocean warming, sea level rise, acidification and other climate change news
  • Climate change and the ocean: What the latest UN report means for the Oregon coast – The Oregonian, 09.25.19
    • On Wednesday, the United Nations released an alarming report on global climate change, specifically how the build up of greenhouse gases is impacting the world’s oceans and ice. Much of the warmth trapped in Earth’s atmosphere by human-made carbon dioxide has been absorbed by the oceans and the impacts have been stark. Read More
  • The World’s Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns – The New York Times, 09.25.19
    • Earth’s oceans are under severe strain from climate change, a major new United Nations report warns, which threatens everything from the ability to harvest seafood to the well-being of hundreds of millions of people living along the coasts. Read More
  • Ocean acidification and hypoxia plan outlines Oregon’s commitment to addressing climate impacts – phys.org, 09.25.19
    • Oregon has a new roadmap for addressing rising ocean acidification and hypoxia—two climate change-induced conditions that could have widespread consequences for the state’s ocean ecosystem and the economy. Read More
  • Ocean Heat Wave Intensifies in Pacific, with Risks for Wildlife and Wildfires – Inside Climate News, 09.17.19
    • The last ‘warm blob’ killed seals and birds, shut down crab fisheries and also affected the land, worsening drought and wildfire risk in California. Read More
  • House votes to ban offshore drilling in federal waters – Daily Energy Insider, 09.17.19
    • Oregon’s high desert is getting crowded, so wind power advocates are once again looking to the sea. Read More
  • Offshore Wind Energy Looks More Promising for Oregon – OPB, 09.13.19
    • Oregon’s high desert is getting crowded, so wind power advocates are once again looking to the sea. Read More
  • Local environmental groups conducting climate change questionnaire – Newport News Times, 09.12.19
    • The Newport chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) and 350 Oregon Central Coast are seeking public input from Lincoln County residents to help the local organizations craft useful direction to address the pressing issue of climate change at the state and local level. Read More

Upcoming Events & Activities from CRA & Partners

Cape Perpetua Events:
  • September 26 | Cape Perpetua Annual Volunteer Appreciation
  • Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 5| Cape Cove Beach: Marine Debris Monitoring on the Oregon Coast
Photo: Cape Perpetua Collaborative
  • November 21 | Cape Perpetua Annual Land-Sea Symposium
Cape Falcon Events
  • October 5 | Oswald West Action Day
  • October 10 | Nature Matters Speaker Series: What’s the State of our Stars? Status and Recovery of Sea Stars on the Oregon Coast after Sea Star Wasting Syndrome
    • Thursday, 7pm
    • Fort George Brewery Lovell Showroom, Astoria
    • Facebook
Photo: ODFW Marine Reserves Program
Nature Conservancy, Oregon
  • October 5 | Cascade Head Work Party & Celebration
    • Saturday, 10am – 4pm
    • Cascade Head, Otis, OR
    • Website
Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve
  • October 16 | Living & Working in the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve
    • Wednesday, 10am – 11am
    • Oregon Coast Community College | 1206 SE 48th St, Lincoln City
    • Facebook | Website
Elakha Alliance
  • October 17 | Sea Otters in Oregon
North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection (NCCWP):
  • September 28 | Look up! It’s A Watershed Moment!
    • Saturday, 12pm – 9pm
    • North County Recreation District (NCRD) building in Nehalem
    • Highlights of the day’s events are a new movie by Shane Anderson and an important announcement by keynote speaker Ralph Bloemers of the Crag Law Center
    • Facebook

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