By Chuck Willer

On paper, 2018 has been a tough year for many of us working to create a better future. Daily the Trump White House doubles down on policies I thought I’d never see in my lifetime. An alarming Fourth National Climate Assessment was just released and the President shrugs. This in the face of a California wildfire that didn’t just destroy homes–in hours it destroyed a whole city that was home to 27,000 people.

In October the federal magistrate judge in Eugene ruled against all three of our BLM Forest Plan claims. Of course we will appeal. And every day the Wall Street’s industrial juggernaut rolls along clearcutting Coast Range forest. Lastly, 2018 being an election year, CRA donations experienced their usual steep decline.

In the face of the above news, someone less experienced might be deflated. I’m not. Adversary just steels my resolve. I’m feeling stronger every day because I see people waking up to issues that have needed to be discussed for years. Perhaps you have the same feeling.

I write to report on our Wall Street forestry work, provide an update on the BLM lawsuit, and announce big news for the Coast Range Association. And  of course, please consider a generous donation as we head into 2019.