Stock Donations & Legacy Giving

CRA Accepts Gifts of Appreciated Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

In addition to cash donations, the CRA also accepts gifts of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds (“securities”). A gift of appreciated securities could offer significant benefits to you, such as an immediate charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock and avoidance of capital gains taxes that would normally be due upon sale.

How to give stock and other securities to the CRA:

Instruct your broker to transfer shares to the Coast Range Association (our federal tax id number is 93-1066629)

Provide your broker with this transfer information:

  • Registration: Coast Range Association
  • Account No.: Z40-245192
  • DTC: 0226
  • Firm: Fidelity Investments

Contact Andrew Collins-Anderson,, to notify us about the number and type of shares you are donating.

Possible Benefitsfor specifics please consult your tax advisor

  • Receiving an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock gift on the date transferred to the CRA (there could be limitations for securities held less than one year)
  • Paying no capital gains tax on the appreciated stock

Definite Benefit – Making a huge impact for the CRA without reducing your on-hand cash

An important note on depreciated stockfor specifics please consult your tax advisor

If you own stock that is now worth less than when you purchased it, consult your tax advisor about the possible advantages of selling the stock yourself, donating the proceeds to the CRA, and claiming a capital loss on your tax return.

Coast Range Association’s Forests and Climate Legacy Circle

CRA supporters can leave a legacy for the vibrant future of the communities and forests of the Coast Range and by including the CRA in their will and joining the Forest and Climate Legacy Circle.

I hereby give ______* to the Coast Range Association, Tax ID #93-1066629, a forest conservation organization, to support their mission.

*Fill in the blank with the dollar amount, percentage of estate, or specific property you intend to give the CRA.

If you would like to include the CRA in your estate plans, we recommend contacting your attorney or estate planner. If you have included the CRA in your estate plans, please let us know so we may thank you. Contact us at Andrew Collins-Anderson,

While individual donations provide the lifeblood of the CRA, our future success is dependent on our ability to create a strong foundation of support. By creating a bequest in your will or trust, you are ensuring that Coast Range forests will contribute addressing the climate crisis while providing for the health and wellbeing of Coast Range communities. We believe a better world is possible and by joining the Forests and Climate Legacy Circle you are helping to create that better world.