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At Coast Range Radio, we interview folks who work to build just communities that provide for people and the natural world. We are particularly interested in the connections between Oregon’s forests, social justice, and the climate crisis.

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Coast Range Radio’s most recent episode:

Forests Over Profits, part 3 – Can Forests “Own” Themselves?! With John Brush

This is part three of our Forests Over Profits series, featuring selected presentations from the Forests Over Profits Conference that the Coast Range Association helped organize this September.

I’m so excited for you to hear this talk by John Brush of the Cedar Moon Collective and Tryon Life Farm, entitled, “Should Anyone Own The Forest?”.

From the “Rights of Nature” legal movement, to community forestry, and resurgent indigenous sovereignty, Brush shared a diverse and creative set of approaches that seek to undermine capitalist extraction as the primary human relation with land.

I really appreciated how Brush’s approach made me think about forest ownership and relation to the land from a completely different perspective.

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Research Links/Show Notes:
‘Should anyone “own” the forest?’, by John Brush,, (includes research links in the endnotes)
– New Zealand forest and river given rights of “legal person”

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Sean Jacobson.  Sean was an incredibly passionate activist, permaculture practitioner, and an active member of many many different organizing efforts.  I knew Sean through our work with the Pacific Northwest Forest Climate Alliance, which put on the Forests Over Profits conference.

I know how bleak the world can often feel, and it can be hard not to feel hopeless sometimes.  But there is always beauty in the world, and there is always something to keep living and fighting for.

If you’re struggling, it’s not your fault and you are not alone.

Please reach out to someone, whether it’s a friend or family member, a therapist, or as comedian Maria Bamford says, any random stranger who will listen.   Speaking of, again, my email is, and I’ve always got a willing ear to lend.

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Coast Range Radio – Oregon Marine Reserve Partnership Series:

This is a series celebrating the 10th anniversary of Oregon’s Marine Reserve Program! A Marine Reserve is an area within coastal waters dedicated to scientific research and conservation, where all ocean development and removal of marine life is prohibited.

Think of it as a combination of an underwater State Park, a wildlife preserve, and a living laboratory!

Here in Oregon, we have five designated Marine reserves. From North to South, they are located offshore of Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua, and way down South near Port Orford, Redfish Rocks.

In part one, we get a great high level overview of Oregon’s Marine Reserve System with Oregon Fish and Wildlife’s former Marine Reserve Program Leader, Cristin Don.

For parts two and three of our Marine Reserve series, we’ll be talking with our community partners from each Reserve up and down the coast. We’ll be hearing from Nadia Gardner from Cape Falcon and North Coast Land Conservancy, Duncan Berry with the Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve, Roy Anderson with Friends of Otter Rock, Katy Bear Nalven with Cape Perpetua Collaborative, and Tom Calvanese with Redfish Rocks.


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