Action Group Support Materials

Mature Forest Maps
Siuslaw National Forest (SNF)

North SNF Area

Lincoln City area & south Tillamook County

North Action Group Area 1
North Action Group Area 2
North Action Group Area 3


Central SNF Area

Newport to Searose Beach south of Yachats

Central Action Group Area 1
Central Action Group Area 2
Central Action Group Area 3


South SNF Area

Florence to Reedsport and all inland SNF areas.

South-SNF-Mature Forest Areas (high resolution map)
South-SNF-Mature Forest Areas (reduced resolution map)

How to save the maps to your computer:
1. Click the map you wish to download.
2. Chose ‘Save Link As.’
3. The pdf file will open in a dialog box asking where
to save the file on your computer.
4. Click Save

Google Earth Files

Instructions for a PC – Windows Operating System
Download each file to a directory or folder on your computer.

Make sure you have installed Google Earth – a free program from Google.
Do not view Google Earth through your web browser – download the app.

Click on the six Google Earth files one at a time and download each to a directory or folder. After downloading the files: Click on each file you wish to view. They will open and display in Google Earth. With one or more files open, go to the top menu and click File and click Save. This saves the files to My Places in the Google Earth program.  The next time you open the Google Earth program, all the layers will be in My Places.

KMZ of Clearcuts/Plantations in Siuslaw National Forest

KMZ of Large Stands in Siuslaw National Forest

KMZ of Larger Stands in Siuslaw National Forest

KMZ of Largest Stands in Siuslaw National Forest

KMZ of Siuslaw 1990-2020 thinning

KMZ of Siuslaw NF Roads

Forest Service Road Maps - Siuslaw National Forest

Key Documents explaining the Northwest Forest Plan
and the Amendment process

Understanding Siuslaw National Forest Management

Support documents for all Action Groups