U.S. Forest Service Planning

The Siuslaw National Forest & Six Other Western Oregon National Forests

The Forest Service began new plan revisions under President Obama first term in office. Unlike the BLM, which only owns forestland in Western Oregon, the Forest Service has over 120 national forests across most of the continental US. The region of national forest plans covers the entire US. The process begins with writing and adopting a guiding Planning Rule.

Our Main Forest Service Planning Work Products

Aquatic Resource Protections in the Northwest Forest Plan: Evaluating Potential Consequences of Proposed Riparian Reductions for Clean Water, Streams and Fish

CONSERVATION OF AQUATIC AND FISHERY RESOURCES IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST: Implications of New Science for the Aquatic Conservation Strategy of the Northwest Forest Plan

CRA re-formatted Forest Service 2012 Planning Rule

CRA re-formatted Forest Service Guidance Manual for National Forest planning

Input for March 17, 2015 Northwest Forest Plans Revision Public Listening Session, and Aquatic Bibliography & Science Questions for the USDA Forest Service, Science Synthesis pursuant to forest planning in the area of the Northwest Forest Plan

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