Ocean Science and Conservation

Ocean Conservation

The Coast Range Association works with a strong coalition of conservation organizations, community groups, and agencies to build coastal ocean conservation awareness while supporting Oregon’s Marine Reserve system through grassroots organizing, outreach and expanded communications capacity.

Oregon's Marine Reserve Program

The Coast Range Association works with a diverse group of partners to promote and support the Oregon Marine Reserve program. Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Marine Reserve program manages five sites on the Oregon Coast. These sites include: Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua, and Red Fish Rocks. To learn all about the research and projects happening at Oregon’s Marine Reserves go to https://oregonmarinereserves.com.

Coastal Conservation News

The Coast Range Association compiles a monthly digital newsletter to provide you with updates on coastal conservation and science in Oregon. Use the link below to subscribe to CRA’s monthly digital newsletter Ocean News. You will receive a monthly digest on the most important and current ocean science, marine conservation and Oregon coastal climate change news.

News topics include:
Will rising sea levels impact coastal home prices?
How will ocean acidification impact Oregon’s fisheries?
What towns and areas are most vulnerable to flooding?
Who is leading Oregon’s coastal climate response?
How do I get involved?

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