Communities & the Living Ocean

Coastal Communities and the living Ocean.

From Astoria to Gold Beach, coastal communities are connected with the ocean through history and livelihood. We have studied this connection and use the knowledge gained to help make the coast a better place to live. Our Coastal Program is headed up by Jim Carlson. The Coastal Program explores two main issues: marine conservation and the impacts of climate change.

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The Ocean and Climate

Ocean Science and Conservation

View important reports produced or curated by the Coast Range Association on Oregon's coastal communities and ecology.

“This paper reports on the first phase of an economic analysis linking marine and marine influenced ecological conditions to the general coastal economy by exploring those ecosystem services that connect economy and ecology. We present the general concept of ecosystem services and discuss qualitatively their contribution to the coastal economy of Oregon. Specifically, we provide the background ecological economics framework in which the role of ecosystem services is assessed in their support of the coastal economy.”

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