Announcing a new
Coast Range Association
coastal program

Jim Carlson has been hired by the
CRA to develop a new coastal program. While details remain to be worked out this much is clear, Jim will devote time supporting the implementation of nearshore marine reserves. We have prioritize work on the Cascade Head, Cape Falcon and Otter Rock marine reserves.

During the coming months Jim will
visit with coastal leaders, conservation advocates and port related
stakeholders to hear your
views and concerns.

Jim takes a special interest in Depoe Bay. For the past several in years Jim he has participated in the Nearshore Action Team's Human Dimensions Workgroup.

Jim looks forward to working with charter operators and fishers along the coast to improve market opportunities and increase community
level economic vitality.

Jim can be reached at:


Much work needs to be done for
all coastal communities to thrive.
A sustainable future will occur
if we create an economy that
sustains natural resources
and cares for the most
disadvantaged among us.

Jim's program and work is vitaly important to the future of Oregon's coast. Please consider a generous donation in support of the
CRA's coastal program.

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The Aquatic Science Panel has met. Eleven top-level scientists and policy experts met in Portland December 2nd and 3rd. A powerful, consensus statement of findings will be the product. The report will come in two forms. One version will be a sumitted to a peer reviewed science journal. The other will be a general briefing paper usuable by policy makers and the public.

The task before us is to make sure the science panel's report is delivered to leaders considering changes to the Northwest Forest Plan. Please consider a gennerous donation to help publicize the findings of the Aquatic Science Review Panel.

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Policy memo prepared for the
Aquatic Conservation Strategy Science Panel

A report prepared for the
Coast Range Association
by Mary Scurlock

Download the report
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Aquatic Resource Protections in the Northwest Forest Plan: Evaluating Potential Consequences of Proposed Riparian Reserve Reductions for Clean Water, Streams and Fish.

A report prepared for the
Coast Range Association
by Chris Frissell PhD.

Download the report
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Senator Wyden's O&C Act

Released on November 26, Senator Wyden's bill will alter management of the O&C portion of Oregon's federal forests. These are lands that are generally managed by the BLM. At 188 pages we have not had time to assess the provisions of the bill.

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Google Earth views of the remaining old growth and native forests on federal lands. Find out exactly where:




The Coast Range Association:

The Oregon and Washington Coast Range is one of the greatest regions in the world. Its natural beauty and its bountiful resources are why we live here. They provide the pillars of the economy: income brought by retirees, tourism, forestry and fishing. A great many artistic and creative people are attracted to our amazing region, particularly along the coast. The Coast Range Association was formed in 1991. We work to defend the region's interests, protect its natural and cultural endowments and restore its rivers, wetlands and forests. As such, we are deeply committed to the stewardship of our natural resources.

A balanced concern for people and the land informs our mission:


To build just and sustainable communities that provide for people and the natural world.