Coast Range Radio

On Coast Range Radio we hold conversations with forest advocates, scientists, political economists, farmers, lawyers, climate organizers and many others to share tools and inspiration as we work to make a better world possible.

Coast Range Radio is a radio show and podcast from the nonprofit conservation organization, the Coast Range Association. Located in Western Oregon, the Coast Range Association works to build just and sustainable communities that provide for people and the natural world. Our work focuses on the connections between Oregon’s forests, communities, and the climate crisis.

Tune in to Coast Range Radio on these local Oregon stations:

KEPW 97.3 FM, Eugene: 2:30pm every Saturday

KMUZ 100.7 and 88.5 FM, Salem: Mondays monthly at 12pm

KYAQ 91.7 FM, Newport: Thursdays, 4:30pm and Sunday, 6:30pm

KXCR 90.7 FM, Florence: Mondays monthly at 4:30pm

Coast Range Radio is on your favorite podcast distribution service (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify). Follow and subscribe to get the newest episode each month.

The Coast Range Association is leading the effort to bring a Green New Deal to Oregon’s forests.

Your support today will make that work possible.

A Better World is Possible

New Work: Our Vision for a New Forestry for Western Oregon