Coast Range Radio

Coast Range Radio is a program of the Coast Range Association bringing the groundbreaking research and agenda of CRA to local low-powered radio stations across Western Oregon. CRA has worked with KEPW LP 97.3 FM Peace Works Community Radio in Eugene, Oregon to produce this program. Listen and learn about CRA’s work on our Financial Forestry agenda and other topics as we bring experts and community leaders into the studio.

A Better World is Possible

Economics in the Era of Climate Crisis

In this episode, we are speaking with Chuck Willer, Executive Director and Principal Researcher for the Coast Range Association. We will be discussing economics, the Climate Crisis, the Green New Deal, and the power of re-imagining our economic and social systems to make a better world is possible.

Overview: Wall Street & Oregon’s Forests

This is the first episode of Coast Range Radio and we are speaking with Chuck Willer, Executive Director and Principle Researcher for the Financial Forestry agenda of the Coast Range Association. For the next hour we will be introducing this work and Chuck’s research. We will also be outlining discussion topics for future episodes.

A Global Climate Strike: Conversation with Eloise Parrish-Mueller from the Sunrise Movement, Eugene

The third episode of Coast Range Radio. We interview special guest, Eloise Parrish-Mueller, one of the lead organizers for the Eugene Hub of the Sunrise Movement. She is also a student and Climate Activist at UO.

The Coast Range Association is re-casting our work on Western Oregon forests to the scale of the Climate Crisis. In order to begin that transformation, we are excited to speak with Eloise and in future episodes, other climate activists to learn from their work and image the roll Oregon’s forests will play in our collective climate resistance and action.

The Coast Range Association is leading the effort to bring a Green New Deal to Oregon’s forests.

Your support today will make that work possible.

New Work: Our Vision for a New Forestry for Western Oregon

A Better World is Possible